By Kei Rose
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She enters his life unexpectedly, and her small, silver-haired presence instantly fills his entire being. Kai’s scent is intoxicating and dizzying, entrancing Keller in a way he has never known before. Even though she has run far away, her past threatens to catch up with her as a sickness fights to overtake her. As violent dreams continue to torment her, Keller finds himself wondering if her secrets will ultimately lead to her demise… and his.

He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t sleep. Instantly, Kai knows in her heart that he’s not a human like her. However, she finds herself drawn to him — as a protector and a lover — especially as the rest of the people in her life have turned against her. She finds a sense of safety with him, and she believes she has finally found someone to spend her last days with.

However, her past refuses to stay behind her and supernatural love is never so simple. As family members turn against them and their secret world is turned upside down, Keller and Kai find themselves battling for each other and for their ultimate survival.

About the Author

Born and raised in Michigan, Kei Rose has always loved writing. As she continues to attend school and works full time, she dreams of one day moving to a place where she never has to confront winter again. She is excited to share her debut novel, Evanesce, with the world.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 96