Eurasian Philosophy And Quantum Metaphysics

By Juan Valdez
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(Theology Reconsidered)

The science of our modern age is able to neither address nor solve our current global problems. Author Juan Valdez believes we should study humanity’s ancient wisdom and philosophy texts to develop a new intellectual paradigm that can respond and support our current needs.

Eurasian Philosophy and Quantum Metaphysics (Theology Reconsidered) is an in-depth study of the origins and meanings of ancient philosophies before they were fractured into mythology and religions and attacked by modern science. Beginning with creation mythology in Eurasia through the development of philosophical thought, to the Scientific Revolution to our own modern Quantum Era, the progression – and abandonment – of ancient wisdom is carefully studied. Valdez reviews and analyzes the ancient texts themselves to understand what they truly say and not what later historians have said about them. The Indo-Aryan Vedas, the Torah, Rene Descartes’ Discourse on the Method and Principles of Philosophy, Neils Bohr’s Atomic Theory, and more, are all respectfully and critically assessed.

As enlightened as we may consider ourselves, Valdez calls attention to how limited modern thought has become. By reviewing past wisdom, we can not only rediscover the roots of modern thought but place Wisdom itself at the top of intellectual pursuits. Eurasian Philosophy and Quantum Metaphysics (Theology Reconsidered) is a rich and nuanced study on how humanity has thought of itself.

About the Author

Juan Valdez was born, raised, and currently lives in New York City. He received his BA from Brown University with a concentration in Ancient History and Economics and a Masters in Computer Science from New York University. He works as a technology consultant.

Valdez has studied and written on mediation and Eastern philosophy for more than twenty-five years. For his latest work or to see a list of other published work, please visit

Published: 2005
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