Ethics, Morals And Values In Education

By Plyson Manyani Muzumara
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Many people in our country feel children today are growing up in an environment of moral distortion and decay. Children are exposed to evil influences from different dimensions within and outside of their communities. It is not uncommon to listen to the news and hear of corruption, thefts, child defilement, examination malpractices, gender-based violence and similar vices. We see a gradual erosion of values and morals in our society, but little effort is being spent to change it. Reflecting upon our culture’s history should give us the opportunity to prepare our teachers to assume the role of moral educators as well as the conveyers of subject content.

This book focuses on the need to introduce and promote ethics, morals and values education in Zambia at both school and teacher education levels. It draws information generated by the author from schools, colleges of education and universities. Without a well-defined education policy in favour of promoting pupil and teacher ethics, morals and values in our learning institutions, efforts to promote the same in our education system are doomed to fail.

About the Author

Professor Plyson Manyani Muzumara (PhD) holds a doctorate in education science from the University of Atlanta in the United States and a master’s in education management and vocational education from the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom. He has taught courses at the university and college level on teaching methodology, early childhood education, curriculum studies and education leadership and management. He has held numerous high-level positions at teachers colleges and universities and served on national-level education training and management boards.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 288