Escape From Ludomania

By Shane Twede
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A Trinity Operations Novel

Escape from Ludomania! When Cougar, a black ops agent discovers that his best friend, Jack Leggett has been abducted, Cougar is determined to locate and rescue him. A brief incomplete phone call from Jack, a top-notch cyber security specialist, is all Cougar has to go on. Cougar’s search and rescue mission takes him to the Caribbean, where he meets Kela, a beautiful island girl. Unfortunately, their romance is put on hold, as someone discovers the real purpose of Cougar’s tropical visit, and gives him a very unwelcome reception. Beaten, but encouraged, Cougar knows he’s on the right trail. But he also realizes that time is running out for his best friend, and possibly for him too.

About the Author

Shane Twede was born in the state of Washington, and has spent much of his life in and around airplanes. He has worked in business from assisting with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He is aviation, advocate, and enjoys introducing and rekindling the allure of aviation in others.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 390