Era Of Darkness Before Ten Thousand B.C. Lifted

By Gary Lee Falls
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About the Book

Era of Darkness before Ten Thousand B.C. Lifted presents a detailed analysis of author Gary Falls perspectives on the eternal questions that have faced mankind: Where did this life begin? What is our purpose in the universe? What is the ultimate destination of our humankind? What is death? In answer to these timeless issues, Falls offers his theory of the progression of man from pure soul into a physical being. He looks to the ancient African civilizations and draws a portrait of a society whose power and worth modern man can only imagine. Based on the Universal Law of Order, Falls traces the evolution of humanity, and he calls for a revolutionary new approach to our interpretation of ourselves, our society, and our history. Era of Darkness Before Ten Thousand B.C. Lifted challenges us to move beyond our limitations. In his poetic descriptions of human potential, Falls recreates a sensational and inspiring vision of our world.

About the Author

A resident of Oxon Hill, Maryland, Gary Lee Falls is an employee of the government in Washington, D.C. He was prompted to write Era of Darkness before Ten Thousand B.C. Lifted because he could find no currently available history of mankind that linked the creator, the universe, and mankind. Married to Patricia Falls, Mr. Falls enjoys golf and bowling in his spare time.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 48