Environment Of Care

By Irvon Clear
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Environment of Care tells the truth behind the environment of healthcare through a fictional lens. While some items have been fictionalized, many of the scenarios depicted are based on true events within a hospital setting. Author Irvon Clear shows the behind-the-scenes details of how a major hospital is kept running through the engineering and maintenance departments, all the way to the top directors. From the politics, to the cost management, to the creative problem solving by those tireless workers to save costs and keep the hospital running. Through the eyes of Phil, the chief engineer, we experience a whole new world to the hospital that patients never see and learn about the heroes, beyond the nurses and doctors, who indirectly save lives every day.

About the Author

Irvon Clear is approaching retirement as the chief engineer within a healthcare environment. He has over thirty years of experience in healthcare facility management. He is a professional electrical engineer with an MBA in management.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 286