Entrepreneurship Made Easy: Kingdom Entrepeurship Nexus

By Rev. Dr. Michael Appiah
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Entrepreneurship Made Easy: Kingdom Entrepreneurship Nexus is for those burgeoning business men and women who want to discover their God-given potential and unlock their ability to create a successful and fulfilling business. This book aims to mentor and coach entrepreneurs with the principles of God, knowing that it is God who gives us the power (ability, ideas, passion, capacity, and intuition) to make wealth. With this book, the entrepreneur will learn to understand the importance and the blessings of putting God first as a shareholder in their business.

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Michael Appiah is a native of Ghana who currently resides in Minnesota. He is very involved in his community and public speaking.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 302

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Edward Turkson
Highly Recommended for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Made Easy: Kingdom Entrepreneurship Nexus" by Rev Dr. Michael Appiah is a remarkable guide tailored for aspiring business men and women seeking to unveil their God-given potential in the realm of entrepreneurship. Dr. Appiah skillfully intertwines practical business insights with spiritual wisdom, creating a unique framework that empowers readers to not only navigate the complexities of the business world but also to tap into their innate abilities. The book stands out by emphasizing the fusion of faith and business, fostering a holistic approach to success. Dr. Appiah's articulate writing style and the seamless integration of biblical principles provide a refreshing perspective on entrepreneurship. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, "Kingdom Entrepreneurship Nexus" is a compelling read that encourages readers to harness their skills, embrace their divine purpose, and embark on a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

Isaac Owusu
Enterpreneurship Made Easy

I started reading this book and i am already enjoying it. I have good and incredible content for everyone in business. Incredible Book Dr Michael Appiah

About the book

A great piece imparted with the knowledge of God in our business
I love every bit of it.