By Gary W. Smith
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In this guide for budding business entrepreneurs, Gary W. Smith details his personal experiences and his inherent drive for success that allowed him to take the risks involved in developing a new business. He details his entire journey, from humble beginnings to eventually running his own business. Readers can journey alongside Smith as he both makes winning business decisions and human business mistakes. Smith describes the peaks and valleys of running a business and equips his reader to prepare for the most unpredictable aspects of business management. This book serves as an invaluable guide for anyone seeking to develop and execute his or her own business plan.

About the Author

Gary W. Smith began writing this book for the purpose of creating a written record of his life for his family. When he began to record his adventures, he thought they might serve as a beneficial and practical guide to new business founders. Smith founded Printed Circuit Manufacturing, a journal detailing the activities of the printed circuit industry worldwide. In addition to his success in business, Smith is a pilot and father to his five children, and grandfather to his nine grandchildren.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 166