Enjoy Your Natural Teeth For A Lifetime

By Dr. Edward L. Martin
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Very few people realize that its possible to ENJOY their NATURAL TEETH for a lifetime.

Your NATURAL TEETH are superior to anything artificial and a healthy chewing mechanism is vital to our appearance, our ability to communicate and our overall health.

Dr. Martin has written a straightforward, no-holds-barred recipe for enjoying our NATURAL TEETH throughout our entire life. As the doctor will explain, its really quite simple.

Dr. Martin also provides the information that is necessary to locate a competent dentist and to evaluate his or her services.

About the Author

Dr. Martin is a retired orthodontist. His hometown is Lancaster, PA. He now resides in Asheville, N.C. with his wife, Mary Katherine. He is the father of three grown sons, Russell, David and Paul, all of whom are healthcare professionals.

When hes not promoting good dental care, Dr. Martin enjoys building and flying radio-controlled thermal gliders. He is still an avid runner with two Boston Marathon finishes.

The doctor holds a B.S. degree from Franklin and Marshall College, a D.D.S. degree from Temple University, and a Masters degree in Orthodontics from Columbia University.

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Published: 2010
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