English - Russian Russian - English: Dictionary-Guide For Shopping

By Gagik Kirakosyan
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About the Book

When migrating from one country to another, a person leaves not only his or her motherland, but changes his or her lifestyle and mentality, too. It is especially hard to get used to grocery shopping. American immigrants have to learn to adapt to local conditions, including ethnic grocery stores and departments in American supermarkets. But it is sometimes hard to find a favorite product, since the converted name is unknown. This thorough guide translates common English words into Russian, broken into categories including different kinds of foods one can find at a supermarket. It will help you find those especially hard-to-find food products.

About the Author

A native of Armenia and a graduate from the Pedagogical Institute in Gyumry, Armenia, Gagik Kirakosyan and his wife, Irina, share two children: Vagan and Diana. Gagik also enjoys playing chess.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 294