End Of The Innocence

By Tracy McDonald
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After the death of their daughter, Paul and Laura relocated to Cold Spring, New York, a tranquil town where they would begin to reconstruct their shattered lives. During the same time, profound changes to the country’s educational and penal systems began to take place, and society norms were shifting as online shopping and food delivery services replaced brick-and-mortar restaurants and stores and the population began adopting an antisocial mentality. Most importantly, an experimental and secretive pilot program conducted by the U.S. government to abolish prisons and incorporate inmates back into society was being implemented.

This new way of living hadn’t been adopted yet in the town of Cold Spring, where life was simple and largely untouched by the country’s newest changes.

At the same time, the Larson brothers, sadistic psychopaths with their own agenda, had just found their way back into society, undetected, due to a glitch in the government program’s computer system. Paul and Laura and their friends of Cold Spring couldn’t anticipate the events that followed as the Larson brothers took over an isolated piece of property and began wreaking havoc on this peaceful town.

The unexplained disappearance of men, women, and children in Cold Spring soon turned to unspeakable acts of carnage and bloodshed too morbid to even imagine.

When the devil comes knocking at your door, where do you hide? What do you do when you discover monsters are real? What happens when the darkness takes over and fear finds you? Do you stay for the fight and get busy living, or do you die? Paul and Laura were about to find out.

About the Author

Canadian born and raised, Tracy McDonald currently resides in Barrie, Ontario, where she works in retail. Tracy is the mother of three boys, and she enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her sons and family.

Tracy began writing in 2016 as a way to cope with her thoughts and feelings surrounding her cancer diagnosis. End of the Innocence is her first novel.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 76