Encounters With Fear: Short Stories About Young Teens

By Jacqueline Jordan
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Teenagers are often faced with moral dilemmas and difficult situations before they are mature enough to make decisions based on rewards or consequences. They generally consider themselves to be invulnerable to harm and are not inclined to be receptive to the advice or warnings of parents or other adult authority figures. Since adolescents tend to be impulsive, curious and daring, they can find themselves in unanticipated predicaments that evoke fear and a possibility of negative consequences. It is with this in mind that Jacqueline Jordan has penned four short stories with real-life difficulties and decisions faced by teenagers and subtly imparts sound moral advice in an open and nonjudgmental manner. Her goal is to gently guide teens without nagging or demanding, and she has succeeded admirably. The main characters in each of the stories reflect upon their handling of the situation they encountered, and in doing so, judge themselves. Encounters with Fear: Short Stories about Young Teens is an excellent addition to parenting books, one which will not only attract the attention of the intended audience teenagers but also remind adults that teens of every generation have encountered unexpected and fearful situations that proved to be valuable learning experiences.

About the Author

A lifelong resident of the Chicago area, where she enjoyed her career as a classroom teacher and reading specialist, Jacqueline Jordan and her husband now reside in southwest Indiana. They enjoy traveling and visiting their grown children and grandsons. Jacquelines favorite retirement pastimes include reading and writing of various genres.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 34