Empty Glasses And Empty Tables

By Luo Ying
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My poetry does not want to overthrow the city, instead it is a thirst for social conscience, a thirst for social justice, and this can be considered an attitude to life of mine. I am a direct beneficiary of urbanization. When standing atop a skyscraper looking back or gazing down on so many people from out of town and those beneath the building, all still located on another of lifes horizons, can you say theres something not right about poetry beginning to weep and critique? -Luo Ying Luo Ying truly does roam the city in his poetry, wandering the streets and lobbies of the skyscrapers that crowd the city and help to alienate him from both the city and its crowds. Windows in his poetry are seldom transparent views on the soul, unless they be glimpses on the anguished mind of the poet and his reflections on the images he sees through them and on them. -Michael Martin Day

Published: 2007
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