By Dorothy Cloukey
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Emily is an ordinary young girl with a very special gift. After a horrific accident in her youth, Emilys father takes her away from her home in the woods, to be raised in a convent. Seemingly out of danger, Emily instead finds herself involved in a string of murders, unsure if she will ever find a way out. She is enlisted by a pair of detectives to help find this vengeful and vicious murderer. Will the detectives help her solve the mysteries, or is it up to Emily alone?

As Emily closes in on the murderer, he remains confident of his anonymity. If only he knew of Emilys special gift.

About the Author

Dorothy Cloukey is a native of Ashfield, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Florida. She has written two previous books: Dancing Leaf and Tar Jessup. Now retired, Ms. Cloukey lives in the woods, where she spends her time writing.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 280