Embers Of The Past

By Jean Cline
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Everyone has a story that can teach something the key to finding that something is to simply ask, listen, and ponder the lesson. Jean Cline uses her gift of uncovering the diamonds in everyones story, regardless of how ordinary or special a person seems to be on the outside. Mrs. Cline masterfully weaves tales of those people who have touched her soul. Surprises will keep any reader enthralled as she tells of poor mountain folks, Indian ways, even those who can talk about being slaves. A lesson in thriving on extremes, Mrs. Cline savors being alone, yet equally enjoys the company of others a balance that surely helps relay her poetic stories. Embers of the Past is a feel-good compilation of tales taken from many peoples lives. A reader would be wise to study Jean Clines approach and help uncover the story in everyone.

About the Author

Jean Cline is a resident and native of North Carolina. An enthusiast of horses, mountain folks, crafts, and music, Embers of the Past is Mrs. Clines first published book of poetry and relates strongly to her passions. Born in Jackson Hill, North Carolina, Mrs. Cline has two daughters.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 218