Elusive Ideology

By Mark Hager
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About the Book

Elusive Ideology: Religion and Socialism in Modern Indian Thought

An intellectual history of modern Indian thought, Elusive Ideology suggests that key thinkers juxtapose Western socialist themes with Indian religious themes so as to generate novel political agendas. In that context, Gandhian Socialism merits special attention, pivoting on two of Gandhi’s preoccupations: egalitarian rural communities and nonviolent transformational movements. It exerts substantial sway on Marxist-oriented thinkers initially skeptical of Gandhi.

About the Author

Mark Hager is an American lawyer, writer and former law professor living in Sri Lanka with his family. Holding a law degree and a doctorate in religion from Harvard, he has published frequently on law, policy and wildlife. He has litigated for plaintiffs mistreated by governments, businesses and doctors and has also worked for humanitarian organizations in Sri Lanka.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 288