Elspeth's Great Adventure

By Denise J. Ridgers
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Elspeth has a comfortable life living in a stunted fir tree in Drunken Forest with her mother, father, brother, and sister, but when a travelling pipe player shares tales of faraway lands, Elspeth longs for an adventure of her own. She decides to set out to find the legendary warrior women who live near the sea. Elspeth meets many new friends along the way who help her on her journey, but she also learns that sometimes she must help herself. In times of trouble, she finds strength within herself, which she never knew she had. Finally reaching her destination, Elspeth is surprised to learn that the warrior women believe her to be the long-awaited little girl who, according to prophecy, is to free the women from their wild ways. Could this really be her destiny? As Elspeth struggles with this question, turn of events catches her by surprise.

About the Author

Denise J. Ridgers lives in England with her husband, Colin Paul. She has a daughter, Julia, and three step-children Angela, Madeline, and James. Her creative writing group encouraged her to develop the stories she had created for her grandchildren, and Elspeths Great Adventure is the result. She hopes this book will help children develop their imaginations.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 60