Elizabeth And The Native American Children

By Beth Scott
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Elizabeth Doll was born in a factory on Halloween 1993. Born to be a display doll, Elizabeth is sold to a Southern lady with a large doll collection. Mommy Doll and Mr. Da Doll welcome Elizabeth into their family, and Elizabeth grows up alongside two Native American dolls, Kind Heart and Little Bear.

The three friends go to school together and experience many exciting adventures together as they explore the larger world.

Elizabeth and the Native American Children explores Elizabeth’s struggles as she tries to escape her problems by going to different places. Although she tries to avoid people and problems, she eventually learns that both are the same, wherever you go, and that it’s more important to be satisfied where you are and who you’re with than to look elsewhere for happiness.

About the Author

Beth Scott is a native of Russellville, Kentucky, but currently lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. She enjoys collecting dolls and writing stories about them.

Beth is a retired English and Speech teacher of forty years, half of which she spent in Kentucky schools and half of which she spent in Tennessee schools. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s Plus 45 in Education from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee.

She hopes her readers enjoy the-imaginary doll journey Elizabeth and the Native American

Children experience.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 110