Elderly Abuse Is Alive And Well

By Albert J. Seme
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In Elderly Abuse Is Alive and Well, Albert J. Seme recalls his difficult years fighting for the power to control his wifes well-being and finances.

When the authors wife, Lydia, became ill, her sons became increasingly controlling over her life. Without warning, the sons began to control not only the finances of the couple, but the medical decisions for Lydia as well. The author tells us that her sons were deceptive in their method and did not have their mothers best interest at heart, only her money.

Court documents, emails, medical statements, and letters from friends and neighbors are all included, showing us readers that we should be prepared as we get older and discuss our intentions with our spouses and lawyers to avoid a similar situation.

About the Author

Albert J. Seme is a native of Ohio who currently lives in California. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and woodworking.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 232