Elderly Abuse And Mental Illness

By John Walshe
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The main point of this book is to raise the question that the great Greek philosopher Plato raised almost two thousand five hundred years ago. Should we prosecute and incarcerate the elderly? Let me also ask: should we prosecute and incarcerate the mentally ill, as we do now? Lastly, how should we treat the elderly who have mental breakdowns as so many will? If the answers are yes, should we just punish as being imprisoned does—and should they also be abused? This document illustrates the atrocities that can happen when we don’t recognize and appreciate the limitations of the mentally ill and elderly.

About the Author

John Walshe is a 74-year-old disabled Vietnam War era veteran. He was born and raised in Kings Park, a town in the eastern end of Long Island. He attended the University of Nebraska to obtain a bachelor’s degree in general studies and later furthered his studies at the university in business administration. After developing forms of dementia and amnesia, Walshe suffered a mental breakdown and was incarcerated for seven years. Walshe now authors books on his incarceration, motivation, attitude, and sales.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 202