Eggshell Walking

By Jean Watley
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Eggshell Walking is a collection of egging incites gathered along the way. It reflects on how we often avoid discomfort, delay unwanted reactions, and resist life's challenging changes. It serves as an illuminating
floodlight as we fall guilty of intentionally ignoring facts to keep the peace or manufacture doubt to look the other way and how we use doubt and fear to disguise over/under-estimations of our own confidence.
Make Eggshell Walking work for you. Build self-esteem and confidence that lead to favorable manageable conclusions and actions.

About the Author

Jean Watley is a teacher of navigating through life, reducing barriers to employment and sense of well-being. She helps those individuals wrestling with anger, guilt, and shame, who have lost mental, emotional, and even physical stability in their lives. In the past, Watley has traveled to Russia with a team of American women motivating women to enter the world of politics, business, health, and education. She currently resides in Tacoma, Washington.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 88