Effective Immediately... I Quit: Why Good Employees Leave

By Jamaevra Jackson
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Everyday, good employees leave jobs where they are viewed as top performers. Voluntary resignations of high-potential employees negatively impact workflow and the company’s bottomline. While organizations continue to spend millions on leadership development, there still seems to be little change in the workplace. Unfortunately, many individuals in leadership roles participate in leadership development activities to merely meet requirements of their annual performance reviews and return to their business units continuing their old practices and carrying out actions that do not align with the organization’s goals. This book uses Jamaevra Jackson’s personal experiences in the workplace to discuss how these actions play a role in a good employee’s decision to quit.

About the Author

Jamaevra Jackson is a single mother of two. She had her kids young and had many personal and professional struggles she worked hard to overcome. She worked, raised kids, and returned to school to complete her education. She obtained an undergraduate degree in business management and graduate degree in human resources management.

Currently, Jackson works as a human resources professional in the manufacturing industry. She has always been intrigued by business and entrepreneurship. Jackson feels the best way for companies to succeed is by supporting the success of its most valuable resource: its human resources.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 62