Economic Evaluation Of Hydrocarbon Ventures

By John E. Ehrman
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The oil and gas industry is fraught with risk. Although Economic Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Ventures sets forth various methods to evaluate oil and gas opportunities, nothing can eliminate the risk involved in participation in such ventures. Accordingly, unless one can assume the risk of loss of the entire investment, put this book down and do something else!

About the Authors

John N. Ehrman was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended Catholic schools until his junior year of high school. He then moved to Texas, where he graduated high school. He was nominated to the United States Naval Academy by Congressman Charlie Wilson in 1975. He entered the Marine Corps PLC Program in 1975 and entered John Carroll University, a Jesuit University in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1976, he was awarded a US Army ROTC Scholarship. He has a BA in Ancient History, a Juris Doctor, a BS in Petroleum Engineering, and an Executive MBA in Petroleum Finance. He lives in the Woodlands, Texas, with his wife, Elizabeth, and their five children. He has been in the oil business since 1984.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 120