Eat Sex Date: In The State Of Singlehood Throw Out Dating

By Rhonda Wheeler
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After her bad divorce, Rhonda Wheeler is now a businesswoman ready to fall in love again. After a move to Houston and getting back into the dating scene, she found herself struggling to find the qualities she was looking for in a man: professional, educated, and self-motivated. As she traversed the landscape of modern dating through apps and messages, she recorded all the lessons learned and compiled them into a single book to help other women on their search for Mr. Right.

Wheeler shares her personal story of finding love again while providing tips, tricks, and motivational support for other women on this journey. Filled with insights into relationships, recipes to impress, and lessons on learning to love yourself first, EAT SEX DATE is the perfect tool for the single woman looking for love.

About the Author

Rhonda Wheeler resides in Houston, Texas, and writes about love, sex, and relationships. She began her career in the entertainment industry as an event consultant. Wheeler is passionate about helping her community wherever there is a need and hopes to collaborate with other creative people to realize their vision and bring their stories to life in compelling and captivating books.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32