Earth And The Milky Way: 2030-2320

By Matthew L. Schlumbohm
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Peace has been forged between the United States and Russia. With this peace, and their Star Wars Missile Defense System, they have managed to deter all military aggression and nuclear developments of third-world nations. The world is secure. Even Japanese military growth is not a threat.

However, when Japan again becomes a militaristic superpower, the United States and Russia begin to develop intelligence efforts in Japan. At first, there seems to be no danger. After a few years, rumors grow that Japan has developed a new stealth missile.

Now the United States conventional defense systems have become useless, leaving the country open to a brand new threat.

Dont be afraid to expand your horizons just be ready for what waits for you there.

About the Author

Matthew L. Schlumbohm has lived in Sioux City, Iowa, since 1997. He enjoys watching science fiction, especially Star Trek. He is a history buff, especially the World Wars. He also enjoys collecting coins.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 68