Each One, Teach One

By Dr. Annette L. Chambers-Dwyer and Desiree Dwyer
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In Each One, Teach One, Dr. Annette L. Chambers-Dwyer uses memoir, poetry, and history to tell her story as a teacher and the stories of other role models and leaders. As an educator, Dr. Dwyer feels a sense of obligation to share her story through writing.

Brief but uplifting, this book aims to educate individuals concerning the numerous tasks that teachers perform daily despite small wages, and it illustrates the need to raise the salary for hard-working educators like Dr. Dwyer.

About the Author

Dr. Annette L. Chambers-Dwyer is an African-Caribbean American of Jamaican descent. After graduating from high school in Jamaica, Dr. Dwyer migrated to the United States with her mother, sisters, and brothers. The fourth child of six children, Dr. Dwyer was afforded the opportunity to study and achieve goals to attain a doctoral degree.

Dr. Dwyer has worked in several school districts in New York City and has experience working with elementary as well as college students.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 44