E-Patients Live Longer: Managing Healthcare Using Technology

By Nancy B. Finn M. Ed
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Best practices for the Empowered, Engaged, Educated e-Patient

The digital tools available to every patient today enable you to better monitor and manage your health and improve your outcomes. From better medical adherence and effective communication with your providers, to how to use wearables; from clear detail about how your smartphone can check your vitals and sound advice on which websites offer reliable health information, this book provides the reader with a vital resource when interacting with our confusing healthcare system. Author Nancy B. Finn M. Ed uses anecdotal stories from real-life situations, along with hard data, and interviews from experts, to make this a comprehensive guide to deploying digital technology in health, essential to 21st century patients.

About the Author

Nancy B. Finn M. Ed is a journalist, author, thought leader, and patient advocate focusing on the patient experience, patient empowerment, and engagement using digital technology. She has authored three other books: Digital Communication in Medical Practice, published by Springer, The Electronic Office, published by Prentice Hall, and Writing Dynamics, published by CBI Publishing Co. She writes the healthcare blog, Healthcare Basics. She is also a reviewer for JMIR Publications and a frequent contributor to the Journal of Participatory Medicine. 

Nancy is a speaker at many national and international forums on digital communication technology and participatory medicine. She has been a frequent presenter for the Global Alliance for Women’s Health (GAWH) affiliated with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, to advance women’s health throughout the world. She is also a member of the Global Alliance for Health Promotion affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO). She is the patient advocate for the Quality Board of Mount Auburn Hospital, a member of the Consumer Council at the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners and a long-time board member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, as well as the Healthcare Advisory Board of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. Nancy holds a BS in Journalism and a Master’s degree in education from Boston University.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 222