Dusty The Island Dog

By Linda Heavner Gerald
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Book One

A refreshing look on life from a dogs eyes, Dusty the Island Dog is a tale about a young dog living in the Bahamas. After losing her mother, Dusty must learn to take care of herself. She meets Winston, a big red dog, who takes Dusty under his paw and looks after her. Together, the dogs have all kinds of adventures running around the island. They meet many people, gain several new families, and have lots of fun. Even though Dusty misses her mother greatly, she is very happy with her new life. Things are getting better for Dusty, and she learns that no matter what happens, all you need is love.

About the Author

Living in the scenic mountains of North Carolina in the summers and the beautiful beaches of northwest Florida in the winter, Linda finds it easy to write and is constantly inspired. The dream for this book occurred about ten years ago. She and her husband treasured their time in Abaco, Bahamas. The dogs in the story are real as are some of the events and people, but Linda mostly created how she felt they would react to life.

Linda and her husband are both retired. They have one son and one grandson. Between visits to Texas to visit them and hours spent in the garden, Linda finds that writing fills a creative need. Lately she has become involved in family genealogy, which is also most rewarding to her.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 36