Duke: Before And After Integration

By Katy Hoover Evans, R.N.
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About the Book

Imagine youre a black nurse in the South before racial integration. Would you move a black patient who was accidentally admitted to a room with three white men? Would you report an orderly who slept off his hangovers in the linen room? Would you aid a patient who just didnt know colored folks were nurses? Katy Hoover Evans, R.N. faced these dilemmas and more during her forty-year tenure at Duke Medical Center. She takes us behind the nurses station with candid accounts of racial tension as, with humor and honesty, Duke: Before and After Integration delivers a slice-of-life look at the hospital industry of Americas past.

About the Author

> Katy Hoover Evans, R.N., worked at Duke Medical Center from September 1955 to December 1994. During this time, she served as assistant head nurse, head nurse, and worked all shifts and on all wards in Duke South. The youngest of three nurses in the Hoover family, Evans is widowed and has a son and a daughter. She collects old music, bedpans, urinals, and other things having to do with music and nursing.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 42