Ducky Drew's Unexpected Friend!

By Joan Haynes
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Ducky Drew the duckling almost has it allexcept having a friend. He spends what could have been a comfortable life in his little world, wishing he had one.

There was that tiny gray mouse, but life in the waters of the babbling brook holds no appeal for him.

Then comes other creaturesthe brown bunny, the small, orange kitten, the white, spotted puppy. He imagined theyd all make great friends, but life in the water is just not for them, too.

Finally, Ducky Drew will have his wish, and Ducky Drews Unexpected Friend! will have something to say about that, too.

About the Author

Joan Leslie Haynes is retired from Springfield Public Schools. She was a teacher of grade five children with special needs. She is certified in elementary education (1-6), as well as moderate special needs (5-12). She lives with her husband, Ron, in Ludlow, MA, and has two grown children, Katelyn and Archie.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 28