Dropped Off Like A Stray Puppy

By Pat Bruch
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Every day thousands of baby boomers are retiring and collecting Social Security, while at the same time, they are struggling to care for elderly parents who are living well into their nineties.

The stress of deciding if a parent is no longer capable of living independently can cause friction and heartache among families, especially if a parent is adamant and uncooperative about considering placement in a facility. Take heart: If you feel a parent is no longer functioning well at home, there are a few simple guidelines to help you on your way.

Dropped Off Like a Stray Puppy introduces us to the fictional Walsh family and is based on Pat Bruchs thirty years in geriatric care as a Licensed Practical Nurse in New York State. She shares many family frustrations as they try to place an unwilling parent in a safer environment. If this story helps you, reader, she is happy to be of service.

You can reach the author at patbruchauthor@outlook.com.

About the Author

Pat Bruch is currently retired and living with her husband in western New York. They are blessed to have their children and six grandchildren still living in the area. Pat often serves as a guest speaker at the Assisted Living Facility where her own mother resides, and she and her family are all happy to see their mother thriving in a safe, secure environment.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 168