Dragons, Cowboys, And Other Mythical Creatures

By Linda Crichton
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Within her collection, Dragons, Cowboys, and Other Mythical Creatures, Linda Crichton opens doors to dark and mysterious worlds of fantasy. Imaginative and exciting, Crichton’s words offer a glimpse at adventure and magic on each page. A collection of unrelated tales, each poem offers a new chance to dip into a new world. Epic poems vividly describe the adventures of angels, cowboys, wizards, and dragons as they quest across grand, imposing, and magical landscapes. Others offer a closer looks at the quaint lives and adventures of barnyard animals.

About the Author

In addition to exploring this world and others through poetry, Linda Crichton also enjoys knitting, reading, family and church. She also enjoys spending time with horses and horseback riding. She plays outdoor sports and takes any opportunity to be in nature.

As a native of Wyoming, Crichton has been inspired by the grand scale of the natural world around her. She is married with seven children. Her family has inspired and encouraged her imaginative and exciting works.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32