Dr. God, Your Primary Physician

By Gary Billings
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Does the Bible promise physical healing? And if so, how do we appropriate those promises? Or, why are we not?

Explore a mind-renewing formula that takes the power of biblical thinking to a level where healing won’t surprise you; and it’s as simple as remembering the alphabet!

Discover that the joy of following Jesus is not about materialism; and in fact can have a small carbon-footprint; and much more!

About the Author

Gary Billings was a part-time lay minister in Seattle for 20 years where he endured numerous health challenges. He now resides in his hometown of Nashville and, at age 67, credits his good health to his faith. He lives a simple lifestyle; bicycling and busing in a city where cars remain paramount. While not denying science, he believes faith is the supreme secret to a healthy life.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 108