Down A Notch: A Journey Of Self Exploration

By Shady Rock
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Down a Notch: A Journey of Self-Exploration

Down a Notch: A Journey of Self-Exploration is about telling a person who needs to be taken “down a notch” exactly how people really see them. The interesting thing about this book is it can be read by all, and given by all as a “here you go” self-help/reflection book to that special someone...or a gag book amongst friends.

In these times wording an appropriate response to the madness around us can be difficult.... Well, Shady Rock has taken all the work out of that for you. Now you can gift your feelings directly or anonymously. Down a Notch is unique in its unfiltered honesty about a fictitious person that may be real in your personal life.

About the Author

Shady Rock has been a writer and entertainer since 1995 for the Central Florida area as a DJ, musician, and spoken word artist. He is also a nurse. His hobbies include playing games...lots of them...and people watching.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 118