Don't Tempt Me

By M. L. Horan and P. M. Palermo
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Don't Tempt Me is a dark romance that teeters the line between fantasy and real life. 

Parker is a fiery woman who has always been underestimated and overlooked. Ace is a cold, calculating man who bends for no one. What happens when fire and ice collide? This book follows the story of Parker and Ace's hot-and-cold relationship. Woven throughout are stories of heartache, betrayal, and undying friendship. 

Don’t Tempt Me highlights the strengths that come from true friendship and found families. Love is confusing and messy, whether it’s between lovers, friends, or family. If you look close enough, there is always beauty hidden in the darkest stories. But above all, no matter what you've been through, big or small, there is always someone that will see you for who you truly are.

About the Author

M. L. Horan and P. M. Palermo are best friends who found their passion in writing. M. L. has always been an avid reader and writer since she was younger but never let anyone read her work until she met P. M. They've been friends for 14 years and it took exactly that long for M. L. to finally show her what they could do. Together, they were able to create something they’ve only ever dreamed of. 

M. L. and P. M. love their animals like they're their own babies. P. M. has two dogs and M. L. has three cats. They both love astrology and cooking, baking, reading, singing, and dancing their hearts away. Neither of them has had an easy life, but they've managed to make the best of their situations and make something beautiful from all the pain.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 232

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This book kept me engaged and I keep thinking about it. Underrated!