Don't Go In The Woods: What Is Lurking In The Woods?

By Laura Hodgkins
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Don’t Go in the Woods: What is lurking in the woods? is a chapter book for students that enjoy solving mysteries and like children to be the focus of the story. The whole story is solved by the Penderhurst children in a small New England town that doesn't have much in the way of commercial entertainment. There are no local theaters they can walk or ride bikes to, no electronic fun spots, and no water parks. What starts out as something sinister, once investigated, turns out to be innocent and a little heart-wrenching. The children show empathy and offer compassion to a victim and a mystery man. They use their heads and work together to solve the mystery without any preconceived vengeance or judgment. What starts as a mystery turns into a deep dive into the secrets of townspeople.

About the Author

Laura Hodgkins grew up in a small town, similar to the one that serves as the setting in this novel. As a child, she and her friends always found entertainment in their free time by playing in the woods and finding many adventures. Hodgkins was influenced to become a teacher through her loving of reading and learning that both started at a young age. She also loves horses and has enjoyed riding them since she was a child. She is married with two adult sons and three grandchildren.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 50