Don't Forget The Lemon Zest

By Willi Daffinger, C.E.C., A.A.C.
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About the Book

Willi Daffinger, C.E.C., A.A.C. has finally compiled his very own cookbook reflecting his culinary voyage from 1948 to the present. Throughout his career, Daffinger has strived to continually sharpen his skills, broaden his horizons, and create innovative dishes. Having been classically trained in French cuisine, he was offered many opportunities to work in the finest resorts, restaurants, and hotels in Europe. Within this cookbook, Daffinger takes his years of experience and presents recipes not only for culinary professionals but for everyday cooks. Organized by appetizers, soups, salads, dressings and sauces, wild game, pâtes, desserts, and so much more, even the most casual of cooks can make a meal to impress. With delicious recipes and interesting anecdotes of a culinary life, an exciting and delicious world of culinary adventures awaits.

About the Author

Willi Daffinger, C.E.C., A.A.C. was the retired executive chef of the exclusive Rolling Rock Country Club in Ligonier, PA. After arriving in New York City in 1957 after his many years of working in hotels and restaurants in Europe, he began living his American culinary dreams, ultimately cooking for actors, the president of the United States, princes and princesses, and prominent executives.

Throughout his career, Daffinger was keenly interested in the American Culinary Federation apprentice program, working for the betterment of the organization and development of creating better junior chefs.

In his spare time, he enjoyed reading and amassed quite a library, foraging in the woods for Chantarelle mushrooms, and vacationing each year to Mexico. He enjoyed cultivating his flowers at home.

Daffinger sadly died this summer. He was married to his wife of fifty-three years, deceased. They have one daughter, a lawyer, and one son, Ph. D. Cand. also deceased.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 406