Don Alverzo's Tweezers

By Base Zenfelder
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Don Alverzo’s Tweezers is about Gregory Basenfelder’s life growing up, and how he kept a secret during that time about something he did, but felt he could never tell anyone, so he lived with guilt and fear since then. It was a “mortal sin,” and he believed he was going to hell so he fought ideas of doing more mortal sins. “Gregory was really smart and had a great sense of humor, and we were so much in love. He promised to take care of me after I had multiple hip surgeries in 2019, but he got so sick, and, of course, I forgave him.” – Charlotte Basenfelder

About the Author

Gregory was born in 1952. He grew up as the second son with three brothers in NE Philadelphia, and his parents raised all four sons as “good Catholics.” We met each other in 1987 and married in 1992. We both loved traveling and drove back and forth to California up and down the West Coast from Mexico to North California. He loved trains and built a train set in our living room. We met each other in a recovery meeting and I hired him to work in my dialysis unit where I was the administrator. I fell in love with him after watching him do CPR on one of our patients; he was my hero. We were both nurses, and he eventually transferred to another unit where he became the unit administrator. Our company had annual meetings for all of the administrators and each year we went to a different state, so we always rented a car and traveled around that state wherever that took us. When we drove to California for our vacations, we decided to camp out on our way there several times. We were both involved in recovery.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 356