Dodging Bullets

By Matthew Cokor
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A Memoir

Dodging Bullets is author Matthew Cokor’s memoir filled with his unique life experiences and the tools he used to persevere over all his traumas. He recognizes the people who have been the most important part of his success. It is his hope that people will take these cautionary tales and do better than he thinks he did when finding the strength to talk about difficult subjects and prevail over traumas in their lives.

About the Author

After twenty-five years with one man, Matthew Cokor has finally found happiness. The love of Forrest has helped him deal with all the ups and downs of his life, coming out on the other side a more complete person. He lives outside of Tucson and has developed the skills and interest to put his feelings to paper in narrative or poetic forms. Cokor continues to write but has begun to paint a picture of things outside of himself. His family lives north, west, and east of Tucson, so he has traveled this nation to be a part of their lives.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 78