Doc: The Scorpion Team

By Doc Jung
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For forty years a man has kept his silence, never telling anyone he has ever met or worked with or for. Not even his family could be told; or repercussions, removal from service, and forfeit of all benefits would result.

The government didn’t want you to know they had a secret weapon: three Special Forces teams put together with the best of the best. The Honorable President Ronald Reagan had his hands full with terrorists and the Cold War with the Soviet Union. When Iranian militants seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979, under President Jimmy Carter’s term of office, they held 52 Americans captive for 444 days. President Reagan knew he wasn’t going to ever allow this again.

Now one brave man breaks his silence after forty years to honor his brave fallen brothers, and tells all his story, so you will know that they really did exist and their missions really did happen, despite the government’s coverup. This is the story of his life, his journey, his love of a lifetime that slipped away, and his struggles with PTSD and those who helped him along the way.

About the Author

Doc Jung is a retired military Veteran of 32 years of service. After retirement he worked for James Avery as a handmade jewelry tech. Then the opportunity came where he used his Airframe & Powerplant IA license to work for Texas Aircraft Manufacturing as their Quality Assurance Manager, which he still does today. His hobbies include, of course, target shooting and building handmade one-of-kind personalized birdhouses that reflect a person's personality. They are pieces of artwork and are on his Facebook page: HeyZombieLLC.

Doc has always wanted to write books and even has some other rough draft books, but he has never pursued publishing them. This book is the true story he had to come out of silence to tell all, to honor his fallen Special Forces team brothers, to speak of his love of a lifetime that slipped away, and to reach out to those others who may be suffering from PTSD in hopes of stopping them from ending their own lives.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 198

Customer Reviews

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Zaida Jorai-McCallum
Great Read

I truly enjoyed how Doc's experiences were brought to life in this book. I have a renewed respect for both Veterans and active military as they put their lives on the line, every day, to protect our freedom.

Love it

Great book! Great author!