Do You Know What Wildcats Do At School In P.E. Class?: Wildcats' First Day In Class

By Mary Lou Preston
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About the Book

Do you know what P.E. class is? If youre already in school, you might know it as gym class, but P.E. stands for physical education. And did you know its not just fun its also good for you? Do You Know What Wildcats Do at School in P.E. Class?: Wildcats First Day in Class shows you how. Join the wildcats Catrina, Leopold, TuTu, Princess Phina, Catalina, and Catsandra on their first day of P.E. with their teacher, Miss Tiger Lily, and her magic whistle. Not only do they become familiar with the big room, called a gymnasium, where their class is held, but they also learn that fitness and movement is more than fun. Enjoying the chance to gallop, dance, hop, leap, and run around in school, the wildcats are also taught the wonderful benefits of such fun activities for their heart, brain, and muscles.

About the Author

Mary Lou Preston is a certified personal trainer/fitness counselor with a B.S. in physical education and certification in the biomechanics of resistance training. She is also a member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and enjoys her pets, working out, dancing, being active, and eating delicious healthy food. She and her husband have one son.

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Published: 2006
Page Count: 32