Dna At Qumran: Book I

By Bobo Carter
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A huge problem exists today within the communities of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. A new look into their origins could settle many issues, starting with contradicting beliefs about the Promised Land. Author Bobo Carter offers a starting point in this important discussion in DNA at Qumran: Book One. A scholar of The Book of Enoch, Carter proves to readers its importance in our everyday life in the way warring sides see and communicate with one another and its power to change this all.

The Book of Enoch, a document claimed to be written prior to the Old Testament, was found in Ethiopia in 1773. Carter writes that as a child, his family gave him and his siblings the choice to choose and to believe or not in religion. Upon learning of The Book of Enoch, Carter became very deeply involved in its study and, while comparing it to both the Old and New testaments, found many similarities between them.

As Carter writes at the close of book one of DNA at Qumran, This book is not of many words, but its few are truthful. Maybe todays people will come out of their closets and support these revelations. Maybe its not too late for humans to be righteous. Maybe The Book of Enoch will not be in vain. Maybe our world can be a better place. Only time will tell. Now is the time for readers everywhere to share in these insights and help us all move towards a better place for our people and for our world.

About the Author

Bobo Carter is a native of Georgia and spent his formative years in and around the city of Atlanta. Partially retired, he works part-time for the Small Business Administration. He and his wife, Christianne Pelletier Carter, are parents to daughters Jennifer Leigh and Rebecca Lynn as well as sons Charles Roy, Matthew Ryann, and Timothy Edward (who is no longer with us). His personal studies of The Book of Enoch, and the conviction that it holds the information that we as a global community need to study to bring about a better order, prompted him to write DNA at Qumran: Book I.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 34