Divine Inspiration

By Jayme Alan Toomey
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About the Book

Divine Inspiration, Jayme Alan Toomeys first novel, was rumored to be scribed by the hand of the devil or somewhere else, where only dogmatic Orthodox Christians might focus on the negative. Jesse Kamphman, the main character, is a misunderstood individual just like you and me, who thinks to better his life.

Stifled by ignorance, he tries to overcome adversity, focusing on the mirage of happiness just out of reach.

With these illusions clouding his mind, Jesse strives to overcome, following down the dark tunnel of his own personal tirade, focusing his anger on all those who oppressed him.

Blue men stood upblue men pointed and shoutedblue men gasped and pouted. The authors words only to quote his masterpiece. Art imitating real lifeyou better believe it.

About the Author

Jayme Alan Toomey is a native of Topsfield, MA, who now resides in Hodgdon, ME. A self-employed writer, he was educated at Austin Preparatory School in Reading, MA, and Northeastern University in Boston.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 620