Diva Queens: The Promised One

By Rodd Symian
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Diva Queens: the Promised One is book number 6 in a 13 book series, including extra short stories and a profile book on the main characters. In book number 6 Queen Martha Ruth Ark, along with a circle of valiant warriors are on a mission. Their mission is to fight Queen Matilda and her army of Shadow Knights. In Diva Queens: the Promised One, not only is Queen Matilda on a quest for revenge, but she is also in search of a book called: the Ancient Text.

About the Author

Diva Queens: the Promised One is a book written for readers who like fun-loving action and adventure with a wide variety of complex characters. That said, the Diva Queen series has many other, deeper meanings as well. These things will unfold in all the other books to come.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 200