Disinherit The Vultures!: It's Your Money, You Decide Who Gets It!

By Rutter
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About the Book

Do you need this book? Take this test and find out!
  • Do you know how to avoid taxes on your Social Security?
  • Do you know how much of your money will be lost to the system when you die?
  • Do you know who will be in charge of your money if you get sick? Your family OR the government?
  • Did your insurance agent tell you about the hidden tax trap built within your annuities?
  • Do you know the secrets the banker is trying to keep from you about your CDs?
  • Is your broker making money from you whether your investments are gaining or losing ground?
  • Have you had your Power of Attorney updated lately? You should, the rules have changed!
  • Have you heard about the Anti-Nursing Home insurance policy?
Thomas Rutter is a Certified Estate Planner, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Elder Planning Specialist, Certified IRA Distribution Specialist and Certified Senior Advisor who specializes in working with people who are retired. He has been invited to speak at many Senior Centers, Evening Adult Continuing Education Classes and local libraries, to name a few. He has had numerous articles published in newspapers. He is a sought after speaker because of his down-to-earth friendliness and extensive knowledge. Many of his seminar attendees comment that it is the first time they finally understand the subject matter. Here are just a few of the things his clients have to say: Just a little note of appreciation for your special efforts and your thoughtful ways in getting my estate in order. -Ginny M., Tamaqua, PA When I met Tom, I knew I finally had the right person working for me. -Pauline R., Pottstown, PA Mr. Rutter represented himself in a professional matter, but more important to us, he was life a friend who wanted to help and made our meeting a very comfortable arrangement. -Anthony R., Reading, PA Read this book and see how Tom can help you.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 102