Discovering Josue

By Gloria Giovanna
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Discovering Josue is the heart-wrenching true story of an eighteen-year-old Mexican boy who was in severe pain and dying all alone of cancer.

He had been in the hospital for over six months without a visitor or family. It was back in the year 2000 during the presidential elections. Most of the immigrants coming over the border didnt mumble a word of English. When Glorias next client strolled into her beauty salon, he was an oncologist who had informed her about his patient Josue. As tears streamed down his face, he conveyed that there was nothing more they could do for him. We dont even know if he has any family. The only way we can converse with him is through the cleaning lady, Isabel. I know you can communicate in Spanish. Can you go visit him, Gloria?

After my first step of involvement, American, as well as Latino, communities congregated as their heart went out for the boy. We were no longer a race divided, we were united with God. All the Hispanics want to do is have work and make a better life for their family. This intensely emotional endeavor altered my life forever!

About the Author

Gloria grew up in Connecticut and resides in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She left her husband of twelve years. She walked out with only the clothes on her back and her three kidsages four, six, and eight. She bought a house and added a beauty salon to be there for her children.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 192

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It is amazing to think how she got involved in his life and helped him feel loved in his last days. It truly reached and touched my heart. It makes me want to do something good for someone at random today. Great book!