Dinner With Demons (Illusion Of Rainbows)

By Professor Victor Ade. Obajuluwa, PT, PhD
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Ogunbiyi Ogunmola, the firstborn son of a chief priest of Ogun, the idol god of iron, has an innocent and simple childhood in his village in Nigeria. As a result of his unmatched wit and intellect, Biyi, as he is affectionately called, is awarded a scholarship to attend a boys high school in a nearby town, Owo. There he earns the distinctions of a top scholar and an outstanding athlete, and along the way, he meets the love of his life, Dunni Daniel. Biyis dreams of a simple life with Dunni are not to be, however, as Dunnis father, an Anglican priest, strongly opposes her marriage into a family of idol worshippers.

Instead, Biyi is granted a federal government of Nigeria scholarship to study metallurgy in the United States. Through school he meets a second black beauty, Ivy Brown, with whom he falls deeply in love. He also finds himself involved with the Black Shadows Organization, a group dedicated to the political and economic equality of African Americans through whatever means necessary, including drug trafficking, murder, and other crimes.

Will Biyis hunger for wealth and power become the means of his destruction? Or will his newfound faith in Jesus Christ be the source of his redemption? How will he reconcile his innocent past with Dunni and his newfound love for Ivy? Read Dinner with Demons by Dr. Victor A. Obajuluwa, a powerful story of one mans struggle to overcome evil, to find out.

About the Author

Professor Victor Ade. Obajuluwa, PT, PhD, is a professor of physical therapy at Ivy Tech Community College, Northwest Indiana. A native of Nigeria, he studied at the University of Ibadan, Oyostate in Nigeria, where he earned his bachelor of science degree in physical therapy in 1978, his master of education degree in exercise physiology in 1982, and his doctorate in exercise physiology in 1985.

Obajuluwa has lived in Merrillville, Indiana, for over eight years. He and his wife, Mercy A. Obajuluwa, have four children: Michael, Tolu, Odun, and Fiyin. Obajuluwa is a current member of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (1980 present), and he has also been a member of the Saudi Arabia Sports Medicine Association (1990 1995) and the Medical Advisory Board for the Saudi Arabia Olympic Association (1990 1995). In his spare time, Obajuluwa enjoys reading, creative writing, stage acting, and dramatic arts.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 216