Dill: Tales From Wisconsin: A Not-So Long-Ago Story Of A Boy, A Friend, A Farm And The Quest For A Bb Gun

By J Lee Fleming
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About the Book

Donny is a young boy living on a farm. One day, when his mother sends him to the basement to fetch some pickles, he meets a new friend, whom he names Dill. Donny’s friendship with Dill lasts through many adventures and lessons learned, and Donny begins to learn there may be a more to Dill than meets the eye.

A fictionalized retelling of real events, Dill: Tales from Wisconsin follows Donny and his family’s generations of boys, all raised on the same farm, and their single, miraculous imaginary friend.

About the Author

J Lee Fleming is now a retired registered nurse who still works in the hospital now and then. She volunteers for her township’s historical committee and elections. She and her husband have one grown son and daughter-in-law and a ten-year-old grandson, and they currently reside on the same land where she was born, what was previously a dairy farm in Wisconsin. In her spare time, she dabbles at the piano, but it would be terrible to sit through a recital were you to ask for one.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32