Dilapidated Houses: My Vision Of The Laodicean Church Today

By Gladys B. Henderson
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Ask yourself these questions:
Am I satisfied with my walk with the Lord?
Is my church making a stand for the Lord?
What am I doing about it? Gladys B. Henderson believes that, for most people, the answers to these questions are No, No, and Not much. In fact, on New Years Day 1991, she received a startling vision showing her just how bad things have gotten in todays Church. At first shaken by the heartbreaking scene of the streets around her church suddenly filled with ramshackle homes, homelessness, and debris, Henderson quickly came to realize she had been shown the spiritual condition of the Church. In Dilapidated Houses, Henderson reveals the symbolism within her dream as well as exactly what must be done to combat the boredom, apathy, and lack of involvement of modern Christians. Dilapidated Houses is your wakeup call to renew your relationship with the Church in a sincere and meaningful way.

About the Author

Gladys B. Henderson is a lifelong resident of Ohio. She holds an associates degree in divinity and a bachelors degree in theology, both from Zoe College. A retired mother of four, she enjoys sports in addition to being a Bible teacher. This is her first published work.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 32