Different Skies

By Jackie D. Walters
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About the Book

Different Skies is a story about a child exploring the various colors of the sky. All of them are different and unique but still very beautiful. The artwork uses a soft approach with slightly faded and well-blended colors to provide a sense of calm and beauty, enhancing the reader’s senses throughout the story. At the end of the book, the child claims that no matter the state of the sky, she will always enjoy it with her mother. This enforces the message of the strength of the bond between child and parent.

About the Author

Jackie D. Walters was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. She currently resides in Monroe, Virginia. She is the oldest of seven children and grew up helping her parents take care of her siblings. She has had a passion for writing since age eleven and developed a dream to pursue a career as an author. She also has a knack for art, loves colors, and enjoys the natural beauty of the world around her.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30